Failed To Add This Device Due To An Authentication Error. Problems?


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    If adding this device failed due to an authentication error, the following guide will help you.

    Why am I getting an authentication failed message?if i add my mobile phone as a bluetooth device to its own windows 7 system?

    If you are already getting an authentication error when inserting a Bluetooth device,You may have entered the wrong pairing code on your Bluetooth translated in this tutorial:

    adding this device failed because of an authentication error

    1. Remove the Bluetooth connection from the mobile phone as shown in the previous manual.

    2. Go to Control Panel> Hardware Sound and> Peripherals and Printers.and just click “Add device”.You will see that this mobile phone, “MYPHONE”, is displayed on the device ready to connect.

    3. Double click “MYPHONE”.When connected, you will find the pairing code generated by 90651445.

    4. Access your solar phone.and enter the wrong programming, for example 54415609.

    5. Go back to your Windows 7 system yourself.You should see an error screen with a clear message:

     Failed to add this device to this laptop or desktop.HFailed to add device due to authentication error.This could mean that you are paying for using the wrong pairing code.Try again with a valid device pairing code.Please refer to your helmet documentation for more details.Check your lamp documentation to see if you need to do this first.install dedicated software or register security.Check for firmware updates for your device.

    From time to time my bluetooth finds out that the dongle goes crazy and the mouse doesn’t work for a long time. Sometimes the keyboard does too. Usually I can unplug the dongle and then plug it back in. Usually, this will completely restore your mouse and keyboard. Sometimes a concept requires repair of one or both devices. Today was a weekend for repairs (at least, mice, I would say). Except that it didn’t go very well today.

    Note. Before pairing battery-powered devices such as a mouse or keyboard, always Make sure you have fresh batteries. Discharged or discharged batteries can cause pairing problems simply because a device’s wireless transmitter may not provide a sufficiently stable signal to humans. Also note that each of our original devices may sometimes cause connection issues. As such, you should make sure your batteries are fine before attempting any additional pairing with devices.

    Usually I just go to A “Printer Device”, remove the accessory and tighten again. Usually works well. Not everything is so good today. I have been able to remove the mouse button on the Targus computer from the Peripheral Printers menu while it is working fine. Then I boot the mouse into discoverable mode and launch the Add Bluetooth Device window. The panel finds the mouse unusual. I select the mouse by clicking Next. Then I see just such a photo.

    adding this device failed because of an authentication error

    So it was a pretty stupid mistake because it’s a mouse. Mice don’t have authentication failures because they don’t use merge codes. I have no idea why is this Windows showing this, obviously something in Windows is locked forever. And you know that this ability is one of the things I absolutely hate Windows Pointer, clicking the little blue link at the bottom of the window is really useless if you click on a link that doesn’t work. There is no solution guide to this problem to lose experience. I digress.

    Now that I have this error message, I will go to Google for an answer. Well, I didn’t find it. After going through several forums of people asking the same questions, there are no factors here. Then I go through the entire registry, thinking that the first pair left some unwanted items in the registry. No, it was sort of a trash search. So right now I’m mostly on trials and phase failures related to resolution.

    I finally got to the Microsoft Knowledge Base which I should probably visitFirst of all. Unfortunately it didn’t help either, but I found that Windows Server does not support bluetooth devices (this is not very functional for my problem since I have Windows 7). Visiting this url at Microsoft gave me an idea of ​​what to do next using a few images that I came to know. But no photographs of what I have to do with, do not show you. It’s just a fantastic picture of something that has sparked some speculation about how Microsoft is viewed as a leader, which suggests something else, not to mention the one below.

    I go back and try to link it again. I put my mouse into pairing mode and start adding a bluetooth device. Instead, this time I decided to always add the click device directly:

    This needs to be done pretty quickly because the device won’t be in pairing mode for a very long time. So click “Properties” and you will see the following window:

    Now check the window next to “Keyboard driver, mouse name, etc. (HID)” and see “OK”. This should start the program immediately without pairing. OpenThe Authentication Error window is scrolling. At least this fix worked great in my situation. I cannot confirm if this will work with all bluetooth, mouse or hardware. Thus, your family’s results may differ. However, it’s definitely worth a try.

    Note. Differences between Bluetooth drivers can certainly get in the way of troubleshooting later. So you’re going to take it with you to try and give someone an experience of what works and what doesn’t for you.

    Please note that after disconnecting and repairing the mouse, I immediately see the following panel related to the Authentication Errors panel. This became the right sign for the rabbit. When you click Pair without Password, the new device will now work with that device. I have no idea what the other did to create the above panel, note that once Windows enters this state above it will stay there. I’m not sure why Windows is causing the memory caching error, but it looks like it does. Whatever the cause of the item problem, the development teamWindows Fathers should fix it.

    These silly little things that make Windows a waste of your time. Some of these silly, bizarre behaviors leave a bad impression on Microsoft and stay up-to-date to perceive Microsoft as a huge failure in operating system development. With similar problems, Windows has a 1990 computer experience.


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  • 1. Download ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and select "Scan your computer"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  • And don’t, I’m just talking about your very mistake. Speaking of all the experience of getting an error, I would say that there is no help in arriving at an answer. Take a vacation and google for reviews when the Microsoft knowledge base has answers and it certainly doesn’t. It’s about evolving from trying to guess wrong to finding the answer. It’s a bad experience and a special taste that experience leaves you with. Microsoft brings you together. It took a long time and a waste of time to get to Windows with this practice. When there are solutions to another problem, it takes a long time to direct your users who see errors like this to a specific step-by-step solutions page With instructions that work. Of course, there is a solution to my problem, and I present it here. Why can’t the new team do the same?

    Seriously, I don’t understand why Microsoft relies on sites like mine to help men and women solve problems that Microsoft cannot properly document. I understand that I am contributing to this cause by writing this article and stopping Microsoft. Note, however, that this is probably not so much a help from Microsoft as a help to users who have the same silly experience. The purpose of this article is to show how silly this know-how is. Clearly, Microsoft doesn’t need to help its specific users who paid for this nutritional supplement to give them real backing and documentation. Why are we suggesting that you continue to use Windows?

    The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.

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