FIX: Windows 2008 Nfs File System

Sometimes your system may generate an error code indicating that the nfs file system is colliding with Windows 2008. There can be many reasons for this problem.


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  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process
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    Network File System (NFS) is a project that allows users to connect to a large networked file storage system and access files while they are in a range file directory.

    How To Use Windows ’08 Services For NFS With VSphere Lab Shared Storage

    How do I mount NFS on Windows 2008?

    Start Server Manager on your Windows host.Click Roles, then click Add Role.Click to add the file services role.In the Role Services section, click to add services that correspond to the network file system. Also click next install.

    Virtually clean for consolidating connections to shared storage in a virtualized lab environment.

    • May 23, 2012

    For the last project, I created a dedicated vSphere lab that is fully virtualized. At this point, I needed a Windows R2 server in the lab if I was looking at DNS / AD and trying to minimize the number of VMs in the lab.

    When I was given vMotion (then DRS and HA) in testing phase, I added a second ESXi host that required using a shared garden. I have used many shared storage devices in the past such as OpenFiler, FreeNAS, Lefthand (now from HP) VSA. I even needed a brand new VMware VSA. However, all solutions require a separate virtual vehicle as they are mostly Linux based and will not work on my individual Windows 2008 virtual machine. I was prompted by Windows Service for Unix, which usually says Services for NFS is potentially the right solution.

    Services for NFS, as the name suggests, is used to help you integrate Unix and Linux hosts with Windows servers so that these hosts can successfully exchange files. As you can see, the server window can connect to NFS (it could be differentserver or its NAS) as a client, but Services for NFS can also make this server window the NFS host. In other words, you can boot your Windows server into an NFS-attached NAS device.

    How do I enable NFS on Windows Server 2003?

    Run servermanager.exe. In the Add Roles and Features Wizard, under Server Roles, select File and Storage Services if they have not been configured. Under File and iSCSI Services, sort the File Servers and Servers for NFS. Click Add Features to select Client for NFS. Open the command group as an administrator.

    And what do you need to get your entire vSphere lab to try out high-tech features like vMotion, DRS, and Answer: huh? NAS-NFS host.

    Services for NFS is made possible in Windows Server simply by adding our File Services role. Here are the usual steps to do it

    1. From your current Windows Runtime host, Server Manager.
    2. Click Roles, then Add Role.
    3. Click here to add a service role file.
    4. Click in the Role Services section to add network file system services. Click Next and Install.

    No reboot is required after installation and you can start sharing folders with VMware. ESXi immediately contains a figure (see 1).

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