How Do I Manage Tracking Processes In Windows?

Sometimes, your computer may display an error code indicating that it is monitoring Windows processes. This issue can occur for a number of reasons.


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    Click or tap Options and then click Show History of Most Processes. Once this option becomes available, the App History Loss Task Manager will list all apps, programs, and only background processes running on your Windows 10 personal computer or device.

    Specifies whether to check detailed information for events such as program activation, process termination, primary duplication, and indirect object access.

    What detailed tracking?

    An audit trail policy (sometimes referred to as verbose tracing) tracks each program executed by the model or end users. You can also find out how long the computer software has been open.

    When you and your family set this policy setting, you can choose whether to track achievements, investigate bugs, or not track streak type. Walk-through audits go through the audit record if the substantive process pursued is successful. Error auditing sets up an audit trail if a process that is clearly monitored fails.

    To set this true value to No Auditing, in the Properties dialog box for this policy configuration, select the Define these strategic regions check box and clear the Pass and Fail check boxes.

    Configure This Security Setting

    How do I enable process tracking?

    Right-click to view the corresponding GPO associated with the domain controller container and select Modify. Expand Computer Configuration -> Windows Settings -> Security Settings -> Local Policies -> Audit Policy→ Tracking the audit process. Build hotels for success and failure.

    This security feature can be configured in Computer Configuration Windows Settings “Security Settings Local Policies Audit Policy”.

    The parent token was assigned to

    Monitoring the process of new events Description
    592 It looks like a process has been created.
    593 Process completed.
    594 There was a handle for 1 duplicate object. Access
    595 was obtained indirectly for any type of object.
    596 The data protection research key has been secured.
    Note. The master key is used by our proprietary CryptProtectData and CryptUnprotectData routines and by the file encryption system (EFS). The wizard will be backed up every time you create a new one. (The bypass setting is 90 days.) Component backups are usually done in the control room.
    597 The Privacy Wizard prompt was restored after restoring the device.
    598 The data being verified is protected.
    599 The data being checked was not protected. Process
    600 a.
    601 User tried atto become a real service.
    602 A scheduled task has been created.
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