Eliminate New Device Error On Mobile Phone 98 Easiest Way


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  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process
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    Sometimes your system may display error code 98 for an empty cell phone. There can be many reasons for this error.

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    Okay, anyway, I have a phone vÎ¹Ê € Ô Î¹É´, and one specific phone that I have is gossip, and right now my phone is not sending messages for some reason, but I can receive, but I still can’t send anything roughly speaking. Reason Code 98 – What are the actions I am taking?

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    • Sprint and Virgin Mobile customers across America continue to experience the same error.

      No excuses are known, but all you can do is wait and see, and don’t panic. X)

      Source (s): familiar with the concept, already published.

    • I am in MO, and my lotus did not correspond for a good 2 hours, and then ONLY started to work. I am almost convinced to pay $ 200 for the cancellation. Sprint has too many damn problems

    • This is a national failure, withshone earlier than you expected. If I’m right you can still carry photo and text mail with you, think only mail, so if it looks like an emergency …>

      Source (s): Computer Geeks, Dashboard Users and Research

    • I also have Virgin Mobile and am writing this article too. I ™

    • g: I understand a lot, this happens to me. and I am writing … someone important experience

    • I ™

      Source (s): I would like to ask the same question as the person mentioned above.

  • Dude, why does this continue when you text a girl! lol 🠙

    Source (s): Mom

  • The main program that caught my attention. he started dating me. when the time was converted. idk where everything is. but our group only covered us for an hour. Hour ago.

    Here’s my question. How long can we wait now …..

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    Ok, please note that you have a mobile phone vÎ¹Ê € Ô Î¹É´ and the most important phone I have is the gossip key, and at the moment my phone is not receiving messages for some reason but I can still get “I can’t” messages just send everything that says the reason is code 98, what should I do?

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    d: Also, understand that this happens to me. and I’ll write a text message … someone has significant experience

  • I ™

    Source (s): would like to ask the same question as this person above.

  • Dude, why does this always happen when you text a girl! lol 🠙

    Source (s): Mom

  • The main thing that caught my eye. it started when you have to happen to me, when the weather has changed, go where everyone is. but our society did not postpone our time until this hour. а. Hour ago.

    virgin mobile error 98

    Good question. How long can we wait today …..

  • Sprint mobile subscribers and newbies all over America face the same error.

    The reason is unknown, but we can almost do it and not panic. X)

    I’m at MO, and my Lotus Sendin hasn’t had a chat in 8 hours and it ONLY worked. I’m almost tempted to pay you $ 200 to cancel your booking. Sprint is probably in serious trouble

    virgin mobile error 98

    Something went wrong before you waited. because of this, if I’m right, you can still send photos and text messages if it’s urgent …

    I buy Virgin Mobile too, and mine too. ™

    D: I also understand that this is happening to my site. and I am writing … to someone important 🠙

    I wanted to ask the same question as the person above.

    Dude, why does something else always happen to you when you text a beauty? lol 🠙

    The main thing is that attribution is noticed. he began to sit on me. when the weather has changed idk during which everything is there. but we only reduced the time to sixty minutes. Hour ago.

    The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.


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